Electric vehicle charging piles can be moved and connected in parallel


The electric vehicle charging pile assembly that can be moved and connected in parallel is not easy to adjust the height of the existing electric vehicle charging pile assembly, and the anti-collision function is poor. When the impact is found, the alarm is not enough to remember the question. The following plan is proposed. The upper part of the base is provided with a top groove, a battery is slidably placed in the upper groove, one side of the battery is equipped with a socket, and one side of the base is provided with two sliding grooves, and two guides are installed in the slide slot. A side plate is welded on the unitized side of each slide plate, and a plurality of first damping springs are welded between the side plate and the base. Two connection column slots open on one side of the base, and the connection column is slidably arranged in the connection column slot. A hole for the connection post is opened in the board. The applicability is good, so the electric vehicle charging pile anti-collision function is good, and when subjected to a large external force, it can actively send an alarm reminder.

Electric vehicle charging pile test circuit and its test set, charging positive pole, charging negative pole, voltage indicator test terminal, message voltage test terminal, ground terminal, analog power supply , first sampler module, second sampler module, third sampler module, oscilloscope recorder module, first switch, second switch, third switch, fourth switch, fifth switch, sixth switch, seventh switch, eighth switch, ninth switch and tenth switch . After opening and closing the associated switch, it can respond to the electric vehicle charging cell test point for a response attempt. The electric vehicle charging pile tests circuit, reducing the number of assembly attempts, making the test assembly equipped with this circuit Superior portability.

The electric vehicle charging stacks a machine, the multi-gun active power distribution system, through the logic control of the relay and the charging module, completes the power distribution and power switch between the multi-guns. At the same time, the communication interaction between multiple charging gun controllers completes the active power allocation. The active power distribution method is as follows: each gun lasts two high-voltage DC relays, divide and control DC +, DC? power on and off, divide all power modules into at least 4 groups of power sources power according to a certain proportion, and the power group output continues double contact relays, divide and grab the positive pole and negative pole output on-off. The active power distribution plan is comparable to the power sharing plan and the active distribution plan that are more common in today's market. After applying the minimum relay, several guns are charged at the same time, satisfying the different charging needs of each vehicle. thus improving the useful utilization rate of the module's resources.

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