Strong fixing performance of electric vehicle charging pile


The charging cell for electric vehicles with consistent performance and solid performance. The bottom of the charging pile body remains unchanged and has a bottom plate, and the bottom appearance of the bottom plate still has a base. The gap between the base and the bottom The plate creates a joint, and the bottom plate is provided with bolt holes., The upper appearance of the bolt hole is equipped with a spring washer, the appearance of the spring washer has a rib continuously with a nut, the appearance of the nut has a continuous joint, the appearance of the washer is continuous with a nut, and the inner wall of the nut has a bolt continuously. Strong electric vehicle charging piles, by configuring plastic sleeves, circular grooves, useful for waterproofing bolts and nuts, preventing screws from rusting, and configuring a waterproof layer to prevent oxidation of the bottom of the pile and the protective plate of steel, and increase the life of the application. Equipped with grounding sheet to prevent the pile body from burning out, so as to achieve the result of prevention of pile body rust, extension of application life and prevention of electric shock .

Electric vehicle charging pile high-voltage exchange electrical box, a self-closing box, the box integrates the main exchange circuit breaker, the main contactor, the lightning protection air switch device, the lightning protection device, the exchange transformer, the exchange inspection device, and the insurance box, there is no change meter in the box; there is a quick connector on the outer wall of the box; the wiring rules in the box are: the automatic force path is in accordance with the non-bending rule, the strong current and weak current are open, and the weak current is running The wire is wrapped by a barrier layer self-supporting The electric vehicle charging pile high voltage switching electrical box integrates the unilateral switching input device into a self-closing box. The outer wall of the box is equipped with quick connectors, which facilitates the total replacement of the high voltage electrical switch box; open wiring of strong current and weak current, the weak current wiring is wrapped by a self-supporting barrier layer, which reduces the interference between strong current and weak current, and improves the stability of lights in the vehicle charging pile electrical and system safety.

The electric vehicle charging cell power outlet assembly includes a control module and a dummy power module. Among them, the communication interface of the control module can be connected to the communication terminal of the electric vehicle charging cell. The communication interface transmits the false battery parameters to the electric vehicle charging cell, and masters the inspection parameters that imitate the power supply module to supply the false battery parameters to the electric vehicle charging cell, so that the electric vehicle charging pile feels like it has lasted with the new motorized vehicle.Electric vehicle charging piles continue to confirm new power vehicles; In the future, the master module will transmit the required power parameters to the electric vehicle charging piles so that the electric vehicle charging piles experience continuous end-to-end power supply for the electric vehicle charging piles accumulate via the DC bus. In this way, the goal of using electric vehicle charging cells to supply power to loads other than new vehicles is achieved.

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