High power inductors for electric vehicle charging cells


Inductance for high power electric vehicle charging cells; rectangular metal shell, square magnet core arranged in the shell, the axial direction of the magnet core is parallel to the width of the shell, and the two opposite sides of the magnet core are divided and wound with two axially parallel coils, the two coils are connected in series , the shell is equipped with a partition between the two coils, the inner wall of the shell is equipped with an insulation layer, and an insulating colloid is added between the coil and the insulation; the outer wall of the magnetic core is configured A steel strip with two constant cores. The two steel coils arranged on the outer side of the magnetic core provide a constant magnetic core, which improves the stability of the magnetic core during part-time work. The separator, insulation layer and insulating colloid between the two coils further improve the insulation performance of the inductor and improve safety.

The electric vehicle charging pile relay and its zero crossing inspection arc quenching circuit, zero crossing inspection arc quenching relay and circuit, the zero crossing inspection arc quenching circuit includes current limiting circuit, shutdown transformer T1, resistance web page, differential expansion circuit, voltage divider circuit, single-chip microcomputer U2, drive circuit, one end of the mains DC current limiting circuit, the another end of the current limiting circuit continuously disconnects the primary side of the transformer T1, disconnects one end of the web page of continuous resistance of the secondary side of the transformer T1, and the other end of the web page of resistance One end of the continuous differential amplifier circuit , the other end of the differential amplifier circuit, one end of the continuous voltage divider circuit, the other former end of the voltage divider circuit continues the IN input terminal of the microcontroller U2, the OUT output terminal of the microcontroller U2 continuously drives one end of the circuit, the drive circuit The other end of the relay continues, the network experiences the relay output; the resistor page continues to have the bias voltage VDD and the relay continues to have the supply voltage VCC. The circuit design is simple, the components are few, the circuit power consumption is small, and it is diligent and thrifty.

Portable electric vehicle charging pile, design includes emergency stop button, touch screen, slide area, panel, shell, wiring port, first heat dissipation hole, continuous line, charging plug gun, socket power supply, handle, second hole heat dissipation, guide Light, solar panel, emergency stop button are in the shell, touch screen and panel are continuous, sliding area is continuous with panel, the panel is placed on the case, the wiring port is on the bottom right of the case, and the first heat dissipation hole is placed on the case. On the right side of the body, the handle is continuous with the top right of the housing, the guide light and the housing are continuous, and the solar panel is continuous with the housing. Advantageous result: the design is equipped with solar panels, which can experience solar panel heat collection in a good environment. Converted into electrical energy, charging the charging pile, thus reducing the application of energy resources, applying the environment. protection and reduction of the application of energy resources.

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