Electric Vehicle Charging Pile Interface Conversion


Electric vehicle charging pile interface conversion assembly, charging pile side plug, low-speed electric traffic object side plug, electric power switching circuit, controller; the electric power exchange circuit continues between the charging pile side plug power contact and the low speed electric transport object. Side plug, it is used to change the exchange power to direct current suitable for low speed electric transport objects. low speed; the controller continues to charge the communication contacts of the charging pile side plug, the low-speed electric transport object side plug, and the electric power switching circuit, which is used to extract the very large power supply information and the power supply of the charging cell. The load-related message provided by the low-speed electric transport object is based on the very large power supply message and the load-related message output to control the light signal to the electric power switching circuit. . It is possible to solve the problem that the charging interface of the electric vehicle charging stack in the prior art is simple, cannot meet the diversified charging needs, and is not suitable for charging low-speed electric transportation objects.

Ecological barrier cables for charging batteries for electric vehicles. Existing charging pile cables are weak against magnetic field interference, not wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, not easy to drag, and cannot be used for long periods of time. The technical plan is: the cable core, the flame retardant wrapping tape, the inner sheath, the barrier layer and the second sheath arranged in sequence from the inside to the outside. The cable core consists of power core conductors, master core conductors, and communication core conductors. ., Neutral core conductor, spare core conductor, and ground core conductor are twisted together. The beneficial result is that it has strong ability to resist magnetic field disturbance, strong oxidation resistance, strong wear resistance, strong pressure resistance, easy to drag, and can be used forever.

Electric vehicle charging piles test old makeup, test instrument interface, current power control unit, assist power supply, phase test unit, communication unit and man-machine interface ; also current balance unit, current adjustment unit and exchange current multiplier; current power control unit The current adjustment unit is controlled by the current balance unit to generate two different currents. The current adjustment unit and the exchange current multiplier are continuous; the front current multiplier and the neutral current multiplier of the exchange current multiplier, the front current multiplier and the neutral current The multiplier is divided and connected in series on the front and zero line of the continuous test input interface and the test output interface. Electric vehicle charging batteries test old makeup with safety, reliability, application convenience, energy saving and environmental protection.

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